Corporate English Courses

ECSC Thailand provides effective Business English training to companies in Bangkok.

We work with corporate HR & Training departments to help them help their employees speak English better.

ECSC offers two types of Corporate English Courses


Speaking Skills Development

English training that’s perfect for beginner students & most intermediate students

Lessons focus on building vocabulary with multi-words, practicing pronunciation, and increasing confidence to speak English at work with other English speakers.

The major benefit of Speaking Skills Development lessons for your company is that they are built around multi-words vocabulary related to employees’ jobs – so they can communicate more effectively with coworkers & customers.

Classes focus on:

  • Building Professional Vocabulary
  • Practicing Pronunciation & Listening
  • Speaking English in Realistic Situations

Conversation Practice

English training that’s suitable for intermediate students & advanced students
Lessons focus on role-playing activities for practicing professional conversation, and using new multi-words vocabulary to communicate politely and with impact.
The key benefit of Conversation Practice lessons is that employees develop their listening & speaking skills in realistic business situations to develop fluency – which signals to your industry that your organization is high-performing.

Classes focus on:

  • Creating Professional Environments
  • Speaking English in Realistic Situations
  • Developing Employees’ English Fluency

ECSC's Corporate English Courses are designed to give your employees opportunities to actually speak English in class.

Business English is all about multi-words vocabulary.

ecsc corporate course

Ajarn Don can give you a demonstration of how multi-words help employees grow in their jobs & careers.

  • ECSC does things differently from other language centers in Bangkok.
  • We believe vocabulary instruction is the most effective way to teach English.
  • This is based on the English language teaching philosophy called the Lexical Approach.
  • Our students are corporate employees in Bangkok to whom we teach “Lexis” (i.e., vocabulary), not grammar.
  • This allows them to “acquire” English that they can use effectively in their professional lives.

Corporate English Courses are most effective with small groups of employees from the same team or department who have roughly the same level of English speaking ability (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). See Corporate English Course Pricing.

NOTE: We evaluate employees’ English abilities prior to starting their training, to ensure they receive the right training. This includes for group courses and personalized one-on-one training for Managers and Executives.

(We also offer Private English Courses for individuals outside of your workplace. Click here to learn more.)


Business English training that's new and more effective.

ECSC Thailand helps companies help their employees.