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Business English Courses for Thai Professionals

ECSC trains corporate employees, managers, and executives who work at Bangkok companies where Business English is spoken. And we do it differently from other schools and language centers in Thailand.

We do not teach lessons focused on grammar rules that you’ve already been taught in other English courses.

Instead, we do teach lessons that are focused on multi-words vocabulary – word pairs, phrases, expressions, and idioms – that will help you speak English more clearly & confidently.

This focus on Vocabulary Over Grammar comes from the English language teaching method known as the Lexical Approach.

Employees of Thai companies speak English more clearly & confidently by learning word pairs, phrases, expressions, and idioms, not by re-learning the present perfect continuous.

Business English Courses taught by experts you can trust.

ECSC is for employees and companies in Thailand looking to improve their Business English.

Meet Our Founder

Ajarn Don has 20+ years of professional experience from teaching Corporate & Private English courses in Bangkok and from managing employees at USA & Thai companies. He is an expert in English vocabulary for finance, accounting, and marketing.

Who Will Train You?

Our trainers are native English speakers from the USA, UK, Canada, and Down Under, with CELTA and TEFL certificates earned here in Thailand. This helps us provide English lessons suited to Thai people’s learning & studying habits.

Vocabulary Over Grammar

It’s simple: Building up your vocabulary allows you to say the right things, at the right times, in the right ways. We train you on multi-words vocabulary so you understand when, why, and how to use corporate English correctly.
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Business English Courses focused on multi-words vocabulary is right for you if…

You want to speak English more clearly & confidently at work.
You want to speak English without thinking in Thai first.
You are a motivated corporate employee, manager, or executive at a Bangkok company.
You are in Human Resources at a Bangkok company, and you want to empower your employees.