ECSC Trainer Teaching English to a Standing Group

English Speaking Skills Development in Bangkok

English Speaking Skills Development lessons focus on vocabulary building, pronunciation practice, listening & speaking exercises, and encouraging students to speak confidently.

These lessons are intended for beginner students & most intermediate students.

ECSC’s expert trainers take special care to ensure that the vocabulary presented in lessons is thoroughly understood by students before moving on to pronunciation and listening & speaking activities.

The stages of a speaking skills lesson for Thai company employees are as follows:

  1. A range of multi-words related to their professional lives are presented.
  2. The meanings of those multi-words are thoroughly explained.
  3. Pronunciation practice exercises are conducted.
  4. Listening & speaking activities are performed by employee & trainer.
  5. The new multi-words vocabulary learned by the employees is reviewed.

PLEASE NOTE: Lessons are built around multi-words vocabulary related to employees’ jobs, so they can communicate more effectively with coworkers & customers – which is something Thai professionals must improve.

ECSC's English speaking skills lessons teach vocabulary that applies to employees’ jobs, which makes them more confident to speak English at work.

English speaking skills development should focus on three things...

Relevant Vocabulary

Employees will be introduced to new job-related phrases, expressions, and idioms that they can use right away when speaking English with bosses, coworkers, and each other.

Real-World Situations

The vocabulary presented in each lesson covers an essential function of Business English. This could include anything from making suggestions & asking for feedback to leading meetings & giving presentations.

Noticeable Improvements

Employees are able to learn, and use, multi-words because it is presented in realistic situations related to their roles at work. They will be able to remember the vocabulary and speak English on-the-job right away.
ECSC Trainer Teaching English to a Group

Multi-words lead directly to improved English speaking skills

Here are 8 examples of Business English that’s commonly spoken in meetings and presentations.
“Let’s dive right in.” Meaning: Let’s start the meeting or presentation right away.
“Let’s play it by ear.” Meaning: Let’s see what happens and react, instead of planning.
“Let's circle back.” Meaning: Let's discuss that situation or project at a later date.
“Let’s go with the flow.” Meaning: Let’s just accept the situation, not try to change it.
“Let’s take it offline.” Meaning: Let’s discuss it privately, not here in this meeting.
“Let’s touch base later.” Meaning: Let’s meet again another time for a brief update.
“Let’s get the ball rolling.” Meaning: Let’s start a process or project without delay.
“Let’s call it a day.” Meaning: Let’s end the meeting or working and go home.