vocabulary over grammar

Speak English Better. Learn Vocabulary.

Thai professionals can advance in their careers by learning more business vocabulary. The best way is to learn multiple-word vocabulary units that ECSC Thailand calls multi-words. Our onsite English consultants and trainers coach Thai corporate employees on business vocabulary multi-words on a daily basis in real situations that help them be more confident and productive. Our focus on teaching business vocabulary, not grammar, is based on an English language training method known as the Lexical Approach. It is what allows Thai professionals to improve their Business English quickly.

Business English Vocabulary is most important.

When a person visits another country, they bring a phrase book, not a grammar book!

Because speaking English is easier when you know words than when you know grammar rules.

ECSC trains Thai professionals to know multi-words so they can understand and speak English better.

(Below are examples of multi-words that can be learned without worrying about grammar.)

How can Thai corporate employees speak English more effectively at work?

By building up their business vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, and having realistic job-related conversations with ECSC’s expert consultants & trainers. We offer Onsite Consulting, Executive Coaching, and group Corporate Courses to companies at their offices. And we offer Private Courses to individuals or small groups, at our offices around Bangkok.

Build a bigger vocabulary

Practice pronunciation

Have conversations

Meet Our Founder

Ajarn Don believes speaking English confidently creates opportunities in Thai professionals' lives. He started ECSC to help Thai corporate employees speak more clearly, confidently, and productively in the workplace.

Who Will Train You?

We are TEFL and CELTA certified native English speakers from the USA, UK, Canada, and Down Under. At ECSC, trainers are not only English experts, but they have years of experience working in the business world.

“You have a sec?”

“thoroughly enjoyed”

“figure out”

“One thing, though.”

“all things considered”