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ECSC's Founder, Ajarn Don

English training expert in Bangkok, here to help Thai professionals.

Ajarn Don is an English training expert who believes that improving your Business English creates opportunities in your professional life.

His belief comes from 20+ years of experience teaching Corporate English courses & Private English courses in Thailand, and from managing employees at USA & Thai companies.

“I started ECSC with other English training experts to help Thai professionals gain confidence and advance in their careers.”

ECSC’s goal is to train our students – whether they are employees on staff, management level, or C-suite executives – to build up their Business English vocabularies, not memorize more grammar rules!

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Personal Business English Training for Corporate Executives

Multi-Words vocabulary empowers Thai business people.

Most English schools in Bangkok teach grammar, which is usually quite boring, and so often cannot help Thai people advance in their careers.

That has inspired Ajarn Don and ECSC’s English training experts to reject the grammar-rules approach and try a new approach based on tools for career growth – vocabulary and speaking ability.

It is called the Lexical Approach, which favors English lessons that teach multi-words vocabulary – word pairs, phrases, expressions, and idioms – and emphasizes speaking practice in realistic contexts.

Get in touch to learn more about multi-words and ECSC’s courses & pricing. By email, phone, or Line, Thai & English speakers are available to help you.

Who Will Train You?

Our trainers are native English speakers from the USA, UK, Canada, and Down Under, with CELTA and TEFL certificates earned here in Thailand. This helps us provide English lessons suited to Thai people’s learning & studying habits.

Vocabulary Over Grammar

It’s simple: Building up your vocabulary allows you to say the right things, at the right times, in the right ways. We train you on multi-words vocabulary so you understand when, why, and how to use corporate English correctly.