English Course Pricing for Corporate Professionals

ECSC’s English course pricing is for corporate professionals in Bangkok. We train people who are serious about investing in themselves, improving at their jobs, and advancing in their companies.
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Training Costs Are Earned Back in Future Income

Our English course pricing signals premium training. It is for people motivated to move forward and make more money.

  • The cost of corporate English training should make private individuals, corporate employees, and companies feel like they are getting something valuable.
  • ECSC’s Business English training delivers excellent value when you look at the benefits for individuals and the ROI for companies.
  • We offer Private Courses for individuals & small groups, as well as Corporate Courses for companies. And in all cases, Thai professionals learn to speak English more clearly & confidently.
  • Our English courses are customized and of the highest quality. This helps Thai professionals be more effective in their current roles at work. And it prepares them for future promotions.
  • It is hard to put a price on growth, but that’s what ECSC‘s English course pricing does. Premium Corporate Courses start at ฿1,150/hr. per student.

We offer 15, 30, and 45-hour courses in Business English.

Private Courses for Individuals

You will enjoy one-on-one, 90-minute lessons with your dedicated ECSC trainer. You can study in our offices near BTS Ari, or at one of our shared spaces, or even at a comfortable café – wherever is most convenient for you. Our Speaking Skills Development curriculum is most popular for 1-on-1 courses.

From ฿1,350/hr. per student.

Private Courses for Small Groups

We welcome you to sign up for a course with one or two of your friends. Classes are also 90-minutes long with a dedicated ECSC trainer. Your group classes take place in our offices, or shared spacess, whichever you prefer. Our Conversation Practice curriculum is perfect for small groups of friends.

From ฿1,250/hr. per student.

Corporate Courses for Companies

ECSC's Corporate Courses in Business English take place at your offices. We train your employees, managers, and executives in small groups or in personalized 1-on-1 lessons. Speaking Skills Development & Conversation Practice curriculums are both popular with our corporate clients.

From ฿1,150/hr. per student.
We train professionals in Bangkok on Business English vocabulary called multi-words. Multi-words are vocabulary units containing more than one word – like word pairs, phrases, expressions, and idioms – and they are critical to learning English.
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Ajarn Don
Founder, Academic Director
English Communication Skills Center (ECSC)

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all three! We consider ourselves educators (like a school), we are private and set up to teach adults (like a language center), and we employ professionals who take their jobs very seriously (like a business).

Above all, we care about our customers.

Courses are either 15, 30, or 45 hours in length.

This means you will attend either 10, 20, or 30 classes since each one is 1.5 hours long.

Each individual English lesson is 1.5 hours in length (90 minutes).

Every ECSC customer will receive a customized course outline based on their English level and goals. An ECSC trainer will determine your level and discuss your goals before your course starts.

Your course outline will show you the topics of your course and what your trainer will teach in your lessons.

We do not use grammar textbooks or workbooks!

The biggest differences are as follows:

  1. We customize courses for every student.
  2. We emphasize Vocabulary Over Grammar.
  3. We do not teach children or mixed-ability classes.

In summary, we treat our customers with care because we understand they are spending money on English training to improve in their jobs and careers.

Every 15, 30, and 45-hour course has a set schedule of classes. The schedule will be finalized in your customized course outline prior to starting your course.

Customers are allowed three cancellations per course without losing that time.

That time is lost starting with a fourth cancellation.

Customers are allowed to cancel three training sessions per course without losing that time.

We will add the canceled training sessions on to the end of the schedule.

Canceled training sessions will be lost starting with a fourth one. It will not be added on to the end of the schedule.

Our trainers are CELTA or TEFL certified.

They’ve received these certifications so that they’re familiar with trust-building techniques in classrooms with Thai professionals.

Your trainer will help you develop your speaking skills and conversation abilities so that you can advance in your personal and professional lives.

We offer discount opportunities in certain situations:
  • Weekday Discounts – You can get 10-15% discounts. This is when you train during normal business hours, 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. This is for Individual, Small-Group, and Corporate courses.
  • Corporate Discounts – You can get up to 20% discounts. This is when you have the right number of students per course, several courses at the same time, and more.
  • Loyalty Discounts – You can get reduced pricing on additional courses. This is when you complete an Individual, Small-Group, or Corporate-Group course and renew the course.
  • *We offer reduced pricing on additional courses (course renewals) because students benefit from additional courses almost 100% of the time. Additional courses allow students to practice what they learned previously. Business English is a skill. It takes hours and hours of training to become fluent.