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ECSC Thailand provides Onsite English Consulting to companies in Bangkok.

It is the new, more effective solution to help Thai professionals improve their English communication skills.

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There is a problem with Business English training in Thailand.

The Business English training that many employees receive at their companies is not as effective or inspiring as it could be.
It usually involves grammar lessons taught from textbooks, which does not help them improve their professional communication skills.
Instead, your employees need opportunities to write & speak English, with immediate expert feedback, in real-world situations.
ECSC Thailand provides that kind of Business English training with Onsite English Consulting.

Onsite English Consulting is the solution.

Onsite English Consulting takes training out of the grammar classroom and sets it in the workplace.
It is designed for companies that value training & development and would like to try something different to help their employees improve their English communication skills.

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How does it work?

Onsite English Consulting allows you to host an ECSC consultant in your office, where they will develop a culture of English in your company and coach your employees on their English communication skills in real workplace situations in real time.

Employees receive coaching on their writing & speaking, on their conversation skills & “soft skills,” on expanding their vocabularies with job-specific words & phrases, and much more.

We recommend that you host our consultant at your office, like a member of your team.

We will work with you to customize a program that meets your company's precise needs.

Pricing is determined by how often you would like our consultant to be at your office each week.

Our consultant will interact with your employees in two ways, never interfering with their work:

  • Reactively – When your employees come to our consultant to ask for assistance.
  • Proactively – When our consultant goes to your employees to provide coaching and training.

Your HR / Training team will also benefit, as they too will interact with our consultant in English:

  1. Introducing the program and our consultant to the company.
  2. Helping to manage the Consulting Calendar.
  3. Making announcements and updating stakeholders.

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Let’s Talk About Benefits

When companies empower their employees with Onsite English Consulting, everyone benefits.

Benefits for Companies

Immediate improvements from your employees writing & speaking English more clearly & confidently.

  • More New Customers
  • Happier Existing Customers
  • Growing & Enthusiastic Employees
  • “English-Engaged” HR Departments
  • More Eager, Goal-Oriented Candidates
  • Enhanced Professionalism Your Rivals Lack

Benefits for Employees

Increased self-esteem from the company investing in Business English training that empowers them.

  • Confidence
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Increased Productivity
  • Potential for Promotions
  • Expanded Professional Network
  • Open Doors for New Opportunities
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Onsite English Consulting will benefit your company if…

Some staff struggle to communicate with English-speaking coworkers.

Some staff struggle to communicate with English-speaking customers.

Management & HR personnel could “do more” with some encouragement & leveling-up their English skills.

Your company hasn’t gotten great results from the usual corporate English language training in Bangkok.

Empower Your People.

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