Common Business English Vocabulary Includes “Brand” Phrases

You can pair ‘brand’ with many words for marketing & advertising purposes.

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Did you know that ‘brand’ is a common Business English vocabulary word that employees often see at work? This is because it is used in many phrases for marketing and advertising.

In this post, you will learn the meaning of three very common English phrases using the word ‘brand’ and how to use them in professional situations at work.

Brand Identity

The first common Business English vocabulary to mention is ‘brand identity’. It is a multi-word that refers to everything consumers can see about a company’s brand, such as the colors, design style, spokespeople, and logo.

For example, you might see a Google review of a company that says “ABC Inc. has a very successful brand identity because of its clever logo and vibrant color scheme,” or, “XYZ Co. needs to improve its brand identity to compete in such a crowded market.”

Leading Brand

Another example of common Business English vocabulary using ‘brand’ in marketing and advertising is ‘leading brand’. This is referring to a company which has a large volume of sales compared to other brands in the same market.

In other words, a ‘leading brand’ is one of the top brands (or even the #1 brand) in a particular market. For example, you might see it used in sentences such as “ABC Inc. is a leading brand in the athletic apparel market,” and, “The leading brand in the athletic apparel space is ABC Inc.”

Brand Awareness

Finally, let’s look at the last English phrase using the word ‘brand’, which is ‘brand awareness’. This multi-word refers to how familiar consumers are with a company’s products & services.

So, strong brand awareness is good because it means customers can easily recognize and remember a company – which might make them feel more comfortable spending money on them.

For example, in your company’s marketing and advertising department, you might hear colleagues say things such as “The company increased its sales last year by raising brand awareness,” or, “We’re rolling out a new brand identity and spending 10 million THB on new campaigns in order to improve brand awareness.”

As you can see from these examples, the word ‘brand’ used in many common Business English vocabulary phrases related to marketing and advertising.

Whether you are working in this industry or are just a consumer, it will be useful for you to become familiar with these phrases to help you communicate more effectively using Business English.

Key multi-words vocabulary in this article:

  1. brand identity (noun + noun)
  2. leading brand (adjective + noun)
  3. brand awareness (noun + noun)
  4. athletic apparel (adjective + noun)
  5. rolling out (phrasal verb)

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