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Business English: A Skill for Successful Thai Professionals

Bangkok employees advance in their careers when they speak better Business English.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: This article makes reference to something called “multi-words,” which is ECSC’s own term for vocabulary that contains more than one word.

The importance of Business English skills for Thai professionals has never been more clear. In 2024, Thai companies employ foreigners, do business with foreigners, and are sometimes even owned by foreigners.

If you are a Thai person, there is a good chance that you are employed by one of these kinds of companies. So, effective English communication skills are critical to your success.

If you are the owner of one of these companies, or the HR department, this article will tell you three reasons why your employees and your company will benefit from speaking better Business English in the workplace.

ECSC is the English Communication Skills Center, located in Bangkok. We take pride in being recognized as “Thailand’s Business English Expert,” which is a reputation we are earning every day. We do it by offering customized English lessons that focus on building up Thai professionals’ Business English skills with more vocabulary, not more grammar rules.

This concept, which we call Vocabulary Over Grammar, is critical to helping corporate employees in Bangkok speak English more clearly & confidently. In fact, we often say that building up one’s Business English vocabulary helps in two interrelated ways:

  • There is an actual effect, which is that one gains an ability to understand and say more words and phrases when communicating in the workplace.
  • There is an equally important placebo effect, which is that one gains confidence and a greater willingness to speak, simply because they know that they have been taught more words & phrases for communicating in the workplace.

We see it time and time again: Previously shy employees start to speak much more English because they believe they are properly prepared to do so – which is what learning vocabulary does much more than learning grammar rules.

What Is Business English?

Business English can be described simply as “professional communication within a corporate setting.” It requires specific vocabulary, distinct tones of voice, and certain behaviors essential for building strong relationships.

In fact, I’ve heard it said that business is all about relationships, so being able to speak in ways that people understand AND make them feel respected is critical.

This is especially true as the business world becomes more globalized. There is a good chance that Thai employees will be dealing with someone from another country or culture regularly, so sharing a common language is pretty much mandatory.

And speaking the common language clearly & confidently – in this case, speaking Business English – makes professional relationships possible, but also potentially lifelong friendships, too.

Why Business English is so Important in Thailand’s Corporate World

1. Global Connections

In a time and place where Bangkok businesses are truly international, Business English skills are mandatory.

Okay, Business English ability may not be mandatory to get hired at a company in Thailand, but it certainly plays a large part in succeeding at one’s job and advancing through the company.

That’s because speaking English clearly & confidently with international colleagues, customers, and partners enables Thai people to to have more conversations, speak more persuasively, and drive important discussions – which they would not be able to do trying to speak Pasa Thai to farang in the workplace.

2. Professionalism

Speaking clearly & confidently is a clear indication that someone is a serious professional. When a Thai employee speaks Business English effectively, it demonstrates that they have put in some considerable effort and take their career seriously.

Thais’ ability to understand and reply to “corporatese” (another term for Business English) earns the trust of farang professionals and allows for interactions that previously only occurred with fellow Thais.

3. Business English Skills: Behavior Beyond the Language

Business English training focuses on developing essential soft skills such as networking, negotiation, presentation, body language, humor, and more. These skills are integral to thriving in the competitive world of business.

The idea of feeling at ease with corporatese is often a key differentiator in career advancement. Employers value employees who can articulate ideas clearly, negotiate effectively, and present with confidence. These skills are essential for climbing the corporate ladder.

Speaking Skills Development: Building Up Vocabulary & Speaking Clearly

ECSC’s Speaking Skills Development lessons serve to build a strong foundation for beginners and lower-intermediate students.

These lessons focus on basic professional vocabulary, practicing English pronunciation, and encouraging students to use the language in realistic situations in class – so they can understand and speak clearly to other English speakers at work.

The Business English vocabulary one learns from the expert trainers at ECSC are called multi-words, which are just vocabulary units containing more than one word – like word pairs, phrases, expressions, and idioms.

Multi-words allow corporate employees to speak clearly & confidently right away. There are no grammar rules to worry about, just vocabulary that is related to their jobs which they will hear American, UK, Canadian, and Australian professionals use in their jobs.

Conversation Practice: Building Up Vocabulary & Gaining Confidence

As Thai professionals progress in their language journey, our Conversation Practice lessons are an important tool. These lessons are designed for upper-intermediate and advanced students, and they go beyond basic vocabulary and pronunciation.

They focus on developing employees’ professional vocabularies to make them sound like native speakers, to make them fluent, and to develop their business soft skills.

Realizing Your Potential With ECSC

ECSC’s commitment to empowering Thai professionals with Business English skills is at the core of our mission.

We understand that each professional journey is unique, so our customized lessons address the specific needs of our customers – whether they take a Private Course (for individuals or small groups of friends) or a Corporate Course (for individuals of small groups inside of companies in Bangkok).

We don’t just say that we’re Thailand’s Business English expert. We are experienced English instructors with extensive business-world experience, dedicated to Thai professionals’ improvement.

We train people who are serious about investing in themselves, improving at their jobs, and advancing in their companies and careers.

To learn more about how multi-words can help Thai professionals like you to speak better Business English (พูดภาษาอังกฤษ for business) or how ECSC can help Human Resources departments improve their employees’ skills, contact ECSC today.

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