group of people in a english training class

Improve Your English Skills at ECSC Thailand

Speaking Skills Development lessons focus on building vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, listening & speaking activities, and making students more confident to speak English.

These lessons are best for beginner students & most intermediate students.

ECSC’s experienced trainers take great care to make sure that the vocabulary introduced in lessons is completely understood by students – before starting the pronunciation and listening & speaking exercises.

The stages of a typical speaking skills lesson that teaches Business English are as follows:

  1. You will be presented with Multi-words vocabulary related to your career.
  2. Your trainer will explain the meanings of those multi-words in detail.
  3. Then you will practice proper pronunciation with your trainer.
  4. You will do listening & speaking activities that are interactive and realistic.
  5. Finally, you will review the new multi-words that you learned during the lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: Lessons are focused on multi-words vocabulary related to your job & career, so you can improve your English skills – which Thai professionals must do.

ECSC's Speaking Skills Development lessons are all about learning English vocabulary that is useful to you in your current job and future career.

You will improve your English by focusing on three things...

Multi-Words Vocabulary

You will learn new word pairs, phrases, expressions, and idioms that you can use immediately to speak English with coworkers and friends. We will not just give you lists of random English vocabulary to memorize; the vocab you learn will be relevant to your career.

Realistic “Environments”

You will remember the multi-words we teach you because they are taught “in context.” This means lessons include a lot of role-playing situations related to your professional life, so you actually get to speak Business English with your trainer in familiar situations.

Communication Not Perfection

If you work in Marketing you will learn vocabulary for marketing situations, if you are in Accounting you will learn vocabulary for accounting situations, and so on. The goal is not to speak like the Queen of England, it is to communicate clearly & confidently with other English speakers.
group of people in a english training class

Multi-words are the best way to improve your English speaking ability

Below are 8 examples of Business English multi-words you can use in meetings & presentations.
“Let’s dive right in.” Meaning: Let’s start the meeting or presentation right away.
“Let’s play it by ear.” Meaning: Let’s see what happens and react, instead of planning.
“Let's circle back.” Meaning: Let's discuss that situation or project at a later date.
“Let’s go with the flow.” Meaning: Let’s just accept the situation, not try to change it.
“Let’s take it offline.” Meaning: Let’s discuss it privately, not here in this meeting.
“Let’s touch base later.” Meaning: Let’s meet again another time for a brief update.
“Let’s get the ball rolling.” Meaning: Let’s start a process or project without delay.
“Let’s call it a day.” Meaning: Let’s end the meeting or working and go home.