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Business English Word Pairs for Marketing & Advertising

This is Part 3 of a series explaining adverb + adjective Business English vocabulary.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: This article makes reference to something called “multi-words,” which is ECSC’s own term for vocabulary that contains more than one word.

In this post, the third and final of the series, we will see “adverb + adjective” Business English word pairs used by stores in their Marketing & Advertising. If you haven’t read the previous blog posts of this series, please click here to read Part 1 and here to read Part 2.

After reading these three posts, you will be more familiar with nine different adverb + adjective multi-words, including ‘conveniently located’, ‘really amazing’, and ‘reasonably priced’ which help businesses advertise their products and services.

Conveniently Located

First, let’s look at the multi-word ‘conveniently located’. When businesses use the adverb ‘conveniently’ in front of the adjective ‘located’ they want to emphasize to potential customers that their business is in a location that is easy to find or easy to get to.

It is a Business English word pair that means the shop is near public transportation or on a main road, making it easy for people to find. For example, you might see a sentence such as, “We are conveniently located downtown next to Asoke BTS.”

This description of location encourages people to visit the store because it is not difficult to travel to, which is one thing people look for when they go shopping.

It is the kind of English vocabulary that Thai professionals learn on their courses with ECSC.

Really Amazing

Next, the common English word pair ‘really amazing’ is also used by businesses in advertisements. Using the adverb ‘really’ in front of the adjective ‘amazing’ does the same thing as the word ‘very’ does, which is to make the adjective stronger.

Lots of stores’ advertisements use this multi-word to create interest and encourage potential customers to come see how great their products are. One example of how to use it is, “We have a really amazing selection of electronic products on sale, Friday only!”

Like many adverb + adjective combos containing ‘really’, this one is meant to generate excitement.

Reasonably Priced

Finally, you will often see businesses using the two-word English phrase ‘reasonably priced’ in their advertisements, or even in their slogans. It is meant to attract customers concerned with cost (and in this day and age, who isn’t concerned with cost!?).

By using the adverb ‘reasonably’ in front of the adjective ‘priced’ the store wants to tell you that their products are not expensive – but also not too cheap. They are good value for money (like Business English courses from ECSC!).

This word pair tells potential customers that the products in the store are affordable and good quality, which is the kind of thing that people love to hear. You might see something like, “We stock many reasonably priced items for your next vacation” or “We offer a wide range of reasonably priced attire for business professionals.”

We hope that having read this post you have a better understanding of some of the common ways people use adverb + adjective multi-words to advertise their products and services.

Once you get more familiar with these types of “Marketing & Advertising” English, not only will you see how businesses use them, but they will also help your overall understanding of Business English word pairs. Maybe you can try to use these word pairs yourself at your job.

Key Vocabulary from this article:

  1. conveniently located
  2. really amazing
  3. reasonably priced
  4. slogan
  5. attire

To learn more about how multi-words help Thai professionals like you to speak English better (พูดภาษาอังกฤษ) or how ECSC’s really amazing corporate English courses help Human Resources departments improve their employees’ Business English skills, contact us today.

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