Business English Phrases With the Word “Deadline”

Do you have deadlines at work? This vocabulary may help you.

There is almost always pressure to finish tasks at work, so deadlines are probably an important part of your job. While some employees thrive under pressure, other people think deadlines are stressful and dislike them. Whichever type of employee you are, it is good to know common English phrases with the word “deadline.”

In this blog post we will review three multi-word vocabulary that coworkers and bosses often use to talk about deadlines at work, which will help you communicate in English more effectively.

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Meet a Deadline

The first English phrase with the word “deadline” is ‘to meet a deadline’. When discussing time-sensitive tasks at work, this phrase refers to completing a certain job task by the day and/or time that it is due.

Some examples of sentences you might hear with this multi-word phrase are, “Let’s work fast to meet the client’s 4pm Friday deadline,” and, “We absolutely have to meet the deadline for this project or the client will freak out.”

Miss a Deadline

The second English phrase with the word “deadline” to use at work is ‘to miss a deadline’. Using this phrase at work is the opposite of the previous phrase, and it means to complete a certain job task after the day and/or time it was due.

In other words, it means not completing a project by the time agreed on before starting the task. You might hear a coworker say something like, “K. Boss is angry with me because I missed the deadline to complete the report yesterday,” and “If I miss the deadline for the new sales revenue report, it will affect the launch of the project.”

Extend a Deadline

The final English phrase to understand when talking about deadlines is ‘to extend a deadline’. This phrase is used when you want to give someone additional time to complete a task at work. You are “extending” the time available until after the day and/or time the task was due.

Examples of this vocabulary phrase are, “I asked the boss to extend the deadline for this project because I cannot finish it on time,” and, “The client agreed to extend the deadline because they requested some changes to the design.”

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Even though deadlines can be stressful for many employees because of the pressure – especially for people who procrastinate! – understanding and using these common English phrases with the word “deadline” will not only help you build up your Business English vocabulary, but also help you communicate with farang in English more clearly.

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Key multi-words vocabulary in this article:

  1. thrive under pressure
  2. time-sensitive tasks
  3. meet a deadline
  4. miss a deadline
  5. extend a deadline
  6. procrastinate

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